Cleaning up promises with yield

Previously we looked at cleaning up callback hell with thunks and generators, but in this post we'll look at the next approach to managing callbacks, Promises, and how we could clean that up with generators.

Cleaning up callbacks with yield

We'll continue our exploration into the new yield and have a look at how it can be used to avoid the so-called callback hell which can plague JavaScript applications.

LINQ in JavaScript, ES6 style

It's been a few years since I last blogged about the concept of LINQ in JavaScript as a lot has changed in the JavaScript landscape.

So let's revisit the idea of it with a look at how you could leverage LINQ in JavaScript for ES6.

AJAX without jQuery

When was the last time you wrote an AJAX request?

When was the last time you did it without relying on jQuery?

In this article we'll look at how do do just that, how do make an AJAX request without jQuery to better understand what's going on.

Array-like objects

Just because it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck doesn't mean it's a duck. There's dangers with making assumptions of your JavaScript objects based on their surface area.

That said, a lot of power can be gleamed by these seemingly innocent assumptions.

Implementing "indexers" in JavaScript

My colleague Luke Drumm challenged me to implement C# style indexers in JavaScript.

So let's have a look at how you can do that, and how you can make some very interesting JavaScript objects that are self replicating. We'll build on the knowledge of using bind and apply from the last two posts.

JavaScript bind, currying and arrow functions

After confusing my colleagues with how to invoke functions with a modifided set of arguments at a single time the next evolutionary point was to confuse them with creating functions that are always called with a different state.

JavaScript call and apply

After having confused one of my colleagues with some code that used the JavaScript apply method and giving them an answer that didn't leave them completely bemused I thought I'd share my explanation with the world.

Walking a JavaScript object

Ever had a path to a path to a property on a JavaScript object that you want to walk? Something along the lines of

Recently I was trying to solve this problem and came across a nifty little trick

KendoUI Bootstrapper

For my Stats It project I'm using KendoUI as my UI widget layer (and charting) as it has several more UI widgets that I'm looking for than jQuery UI offers. But there's one th...

Rebuilding JavaScript Quiz in Nodejs

A few months back I [announced a new site][1] I was running called [JavaScript Quiz][2]. When I started to site it was to be done quickly so I chose an out-of-the-box blogging platform, that being ...

JavaScript: A story

Everyone use to notice the old war veteran that sat on the corner. His uniform was tatty and he’s always be spouting about his heyday with lines like “Don’t you remember my role in the first brows...

Why I don't like KnockoutJS

A few times I've ruffled a few features by making the statement that I am not a fan of [KnockoutJS][1].

Let me start by clarifying a few things:

  1. I think the concept of KnockoutJS is a good o...